Steamery -Care for fashion

The most advanced steam irons in the world and complementary products of the international Scandinavian brand.
All products were developed by professionals from the Swedish fashion world in collaboration with engineers and industrial designers
Leaders with great thought and with the aim of producing convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly and economical products
To maintain and care for the garment, the color and the textile.

What distinguishes and characterizes our products:
• Minimalistic and luxurious design.
• Innovative steam features and a perfect ironing experience.
• Simple and easy work processes.
• Storage and drying solutions that save time and money.
• Environmentally friendly.
• Clothes without wrinkles and soft to the touch.
• Renew and refresh the swimwear and textiles.
• Extend the life of the garment and preserve the textile fibers in their original form.
• Keep the original colors.
• Ergonomic - with human engineering for maximum comfort and work efficiency, smart and precise.
• Suitable for use on all types of fabrics and clothing (be careful with silk and linen fabrics).
• Developed and tested in laboratories in Shwe Dia.
Product categories for maintaining and caring for the garment:
1. Manual and standing steam irons
2. Devices for shaving fabrics / fiber removal
3. Washing liquids/softeners
4. Brushes
5. Complementary products for the care of the garment