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    Believe Choker 280.00 NIS
    Big Coin Necklace 440.00 NIS
    Bookmark 59.00 NIS
    Buyme Gift Card From 10.00 NIS
    Choker Necklace 260.00 NIS
    Coin Bracelet 440.00 NIS
    Coin Eye Necklace 320.00 NIS
    Cord Wrap Anklet 320.00 NIS
    Cuff Bracelet 530.00 NIS
    Double Coin Bracelet From 440.00 NIS
    Drops Necklace 440.00 NIS
    Evil Eye Necklace 280.00 NIS
    Eye Bracelet 220.00 NIS
    Gift Card From 100.00 NIS
    Gourmet Bracelet 440.00 NIS
    Hamsa Bracelet 220.00 NIS
    Hamsa Necklace 380.00 NIS
    Heart necklace 380.00 NIS
    Initial Necklace 380.00 NIS
    Initial Ring 490.00 NIS
    Initial triangle 660.00 NIS
    JB necklace 220.00 NIS
    Jeans Bracelet 520.00 NIS
    Jessi bracelet 320.00 NIS