Everyone needs a little reminder of the important things in life.
The most important moments in our lives can be engraved on a bracelet or necklace.
The special moments we experience with our clients are magical moments of truth and a desire to believe that everything is possible.

We believe that the collection provides a personal and unique way to remind yourself or your loved ones of the small and important things in life.
We make personalized jewelry on the spot It takes only 20 minutes.
We love what we do for 11 years.





Made from natural coconut wax
Amber and Spice - warm and deep amber fragrance. Ginger, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and cinnamon can be identified in the mixture.

Suitable for large spaces for a perfect atmosphere.

Available as a candle or as a scent diffuser

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forever bound bracelets


Spreading love is the strongest emotion,
LOVE BELINDA bracelets bound between you forever

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