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From today, you can exercise your club membership and accumulate your points on the online site as well

One-time registration!
site registration
• Click on the blue button at the bottom right (members club)
• If you are not registered for the click site - registration - you must register with your full name + email
• After registering, you will receive a confirmation email
• If you have already registered and have an email and password, click on Login

You are currently registering on the site as a user, in order to register for a members club and take advantage of all the benefits we need some more details about you -
• Click the Friends Club button again, and fill in the rest of the details - birthday, phone, etc ...
This is where you are now - from today we are friends and all your purchases will buy you 10% of its value for accrual and realization next time
Next time log in to a members club click on login with username and password and start shopping again with the points you have already earned from the previous time.

Existing club members who have memberships in the physical store
All the points you have already accumulated inside - register on the website and fill in the details including name and phone number and all your points will be available for realization.

As a club member you will receive a 15% discount on your birthday month.
10% accrual of points on each purchase.
A variety of benefits are exchanged and promotions are equal.
** The card is personal and non-transferable.
** Birthday benefit can be redeemed from the following month.


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