Get zapped

Get zapped!

Each chain is sized to fit perfectly, so you quickly forget you’re wearing it.

Come get zapped, bring your friends — it's the ultimate friendship bracelet!

You choose your bracelet or anklet when you visit as prices vary depending on style, material and length needed. Bracelet and Anklet prices are priced by the inch. We have many options ranging in sterling silver at 5$-12$ per inch, Gold-fill at 6$-12$ per inch; ranging from 11$ to 39$ per inch for 14k gold.

"Zapping" refers to the flash of light that occurs when our jeweler fastens a gold bracelet onto your wrist. Our beautiful Greek goddess inspired chains are measured to fit you perfectly and meant to last a lifetime! ...or at least until you're ready to remove it. Not ready for the commitment of not having a clasp? Don't worry, we can add one just for you!

Zapped by just believe bracelets are the perfect gift for yourself, your significant other, your bestie, or anyone special in your life! Who will you share YOUR experience with?