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Why Personalized Jewelry Is the Perfect Gift

If people think of custom jewelry, it is often the rings of class and the rings of the family. And while those are more than true examples, it’s so much...

If people think of custom jewelry, it is often the rings of class and the rings of the family. And while those are more than true examples, it’s so much more to create a custom piece of jewelry. It’s about art. An expression that goes beyond engraving, telling a meaningful story or making a meaningful memory. You’re making something special when you donate someone custom jewelry (or pick something for yourself). But if you’re not sure yet, we’re breaking down 5 reasons why more customized jewelry is more important.

  1. Let Them Know You’re Thinking of Them

You’re showing them something special when you give someone custom etched jewelry. You devote a part of your own mind to them. There’s something that’s your relationship with them. Too often people get caught in the idea that you care for expensive gifts. More money doesn’t mean more thought. You can’t put kindness at a cost. A custom engraving is a great way to show your friendship with someone you really care for. It tells them that you go beyond just buying something for the monetary value. An engraving means you’re putting time, thought, and energy into your gift planning.

It’s a special way to tell someone you’re thinking about it.

  1. Your Gift is Unique

Engraving makes sure that no one has the jewelry that you offer (or buy for yourself). Everything you make is your own and your design can be repeated by nothing else in the world. You make your own special piece of art that reflects you and your loved ones.

  1. Your Gift is Easily Identified

Turn gears for a moment, the terrible happens occasionally, and jewelry is missing or worse, it gets stolen. It is hard to get that jewelry purely back down to how difficult it is to distinguish one piece of jewelry from another. But, as we mentioned above, customer engraved jewelry is special. Identifying it is straightforward, as long as the mark is not a common word or phrase. While we do not recommend custom engraving as a fail-safe against stolen jewelry (to begin with it is very difficult to find stolen jewelry), it adds to your purchase a certain level of protection.

  1. Your Gift is a Memory That Lasts

Things in life come and go even though they don’t always last as vividly as we would like. We wouldn’t need pictures and video if they did. But photography is not the only way it can solidify a memory. Binding an object’s memory can also help cement memories.

  1. Forges a Bond

It doesn’t have to include passion, a special event, or some remembrance to build a connection with someone. Persons often meet in the most unlike ways. Leaving a permanent reminder of this is a perfect way to remember the old and new. Think of an engraving as a tangible monument to somebody’s relation. You can both keep something that reminds you of your mutual relationship.


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