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The Ultimate Guide For Your Bohemian Look

In today's day and age, from goth and rocker to preppy or mod, there are many different styles and trends out there. We will look at the bohemian style and...

In today's day and age, from goth and rocker to preppy or mod, there are many different styles and trends out there. We will look at the bohemian style and the fashions connected with this style in this guide.

Think outside the box, think Bohemian. Whether it's clothing or jewelry, there's something that requires attention with the boho touch. In specific, Bohemian jewelry is stylish in its own right. The designs show very clearly the free spirit and creativity heralded by bohemian culture. Bold components, lots of color and a tough feeling, boho jewelry spells all of this and more!

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian fashion is a mixture of casual, hippie, ethnic and vintage styles also known as Boho-Chic. The style comprises of loose and colourful clothes and is usually linked with authors and artsy individuals, although not exclusively to them. Also in the summer, this style tends to be most common.

Unravel the top bohemian jewelry items you need in today's kit and style them!

Boho-Inspired Rings

If anything can't go unnoticed, it's a couple of hands with lovely rings of bohemian style. Lovely stones, chunky motifs and top designs are things to look out for when hunting bohemian jewelry. Just Believe Jewelry’s Neysa Wide Ring is the perfect choice to complete your boho look if you’re not a big fan of big necklaces or oversized earrings, always you can count a set of rings to do the job. Wearing 4 or more ideally produces the correct effect. To complement the bohemian vibes of your jewelry, combine them with flared pants, a crop top, and a boho-style scarf or jacket. Want to know your ring size? Let us know!

Bracelets and Bangles

Bangles and bracelets are not only for the design of ethnic clothing. Choose the correct boho jewelry pieces and you can make a delicately accessorized look even around a western outfit. Start by searching for bracelets or bangles that shout "boho-look". Just Believe Jewelry have an awesome bracelet collection to choose from. Nothing speaks like boho as the Red/Black String Bracelet with Heart/Hamsa/Coins or the ever adorable Personal Eye Bracelet. Here's a tip – the better your chances of looking ' bohemian-bejewelled ' the more bracelets and bangles you combine! Yes, you read that right, you customize your bracelets with us! Contact us and learn more.

Bohemian-Style Earrings

Bohemian style earrings can range from metallic items with colorful details and heavy designs to the most common versions of tassel. But it doesn’t stop you from experimenting, right? After all being bohemian is to be care-free. Just Believe Jewelry’s take on bohemian style earrings is our unique Eye Earring- 14K Gold Inlaid with Diamonds. With this you can totally shine out from the crowd. Pair them alone or with a necklace, either way they make a courageous declaration to your outfit. Get the chic look by choosing a couple of trousers with wide legs and a top off-shoulder. This will guarantee that your courageous, shiny earrings stay the eye cyanosis while producing a balanced ensemble!

Layered Necklaces

Gone are the days when only statements oversized jewelry pieces were deemed bohemian. Without much effort, the urban boho chic look requires improvisation. Therefore, the birth of bohemian layered necklaces. By layering gold chains or pendants with dainty chokers, you can purchase these straight or take a DIY strategy to create these necklaces. Just Believe Jewelry’s catalogue boasts a huge collection of fine necklaces. Like a DIY approach to your boho look? Say no more! We offer personalized necklaces that will surely make you say, “That’s my necklace!”. Choose strong tops like a crisp shirt to highlight each individual piece when styling such bohemian jewelry. To finish the look, you could choose regular jeans and a declaration jacket or shrug.

So there you have it! We hope we covered everything and anything you have in mind about pairing your boho-chic look to your jewelry. Here at Just Believe Jewelry, we just don’t offer bohemian-style jewelries but also what fits your personal style. For more information about our elegant and beautiful collections, don’t forget to visit at us at or check out our Social Media! Like us on Facebook at Follow us on Instagram at and Pin us on Pinterest at






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