Jewelry Trends for Winter 2019

We’ve listed our top 5 jewelry trends for winter 2019-2020, a new season and new trends; some new trends and a range of trends with an update. Sufficient choice for every taste and style, and like fashion, this year’s jewelry is made with various materials, tons of gold, the iconic pearl is back in a new form, state earrings are still warm and the chunky chain is back.

Top 5 Jewelry Trends

  1. Gold

We’ve seen striking gold jewelry in every fashion on every catwalk. It ranges from supersize earrings of the gold hoop to many layers of bracelets and necklaces and layered rings with claims. Of course, gold is also possible, the emphasis is on “most layers.”

  1. Pearls with Sparkles

The pearl necklace and pearl earrings were very present on the Paris catwalk, but in combination with sparkles, combine a stunning pearl necklace with a necklace of bright crystals or rocks. Here too, layers are the pattern. You pick a mix of pearls with other materials with earrings, such as crystals in the same color hue.

  1. Statement Dangles

A trend that has been on an incline for two years: the (single) earring claim. With a lot of , the longer the better. The statement earring ranges from sparkles, fashionable leather and PVC earrings to exuberant floral flower designs.

  1. Mix It

Not just one earring, but a whole battery of earrings in your ear, ranging from tiny rings (or ear cuffs that you clamp) high on your earcup to bigger hanging earrings toning your ear. And pair a tiny ear stud with a larger earring, leave your mind free of all shapes and colors.

  1. Multiple Layers with Chunky Chains

We’re already in layering, but this season, layer and stack necklaces, bracelets and also rings with different designs in the same color tone. The most striking is the chunky chain combined with finer jewelry that is seen in all collections. A trend with an 80s high atmosphere.




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