5 Tips For Cleaning Your Personalized Jewelry

We treat every one of our Just Believe Jewelries with great care. All kinds of jewelry, needs basic care. Today’s topic will be about 5 tips for cleaning our precious personalized jewelry to ensure your engraved accessories will be always like looking good as new.

  1. Put Your Make Up First Before Accessories

Lotions, hairspray and some cosmetics contain chemicals that can damage or tarnish your valuable jewelry. To keep your customized piece looking its best, by putting it on after your makeup and hair, keep it out of the way of harm.

  1. Take It Off if You’re Cleaning

Lotions, hairspray, and some cosmetics contain chemicals that can cause jewelry damage, such as tarnishing.

  1. Jewelry and Pools? Big No, No

Everybody likes to have a cool swim on a hot summer day in the pool. But there's chlorine in the pools and jacuzzis that can discolor the jewelry if it's too long exposed. So play it safely: take off your jewelry too when you strip it into your bathing suit.

  1. Tubs and Jewelries, Ditch It!

Your soaps and shampoos can make you smell new and squeaky clean, but if they also have chemicals in it, they could do a number on your custom jewelry. Too much sudsing in the shower while wearing your custom necklace, bracelet or rings will cause a film to form over the precious metal, dulling the shine and losing its magnificent shine.

  1. Smart Safekeeping

Storing your jewelry properly will do great things to keep it looking fresh. Keep your custom jewelry in a box where it won't get mixed with other pieces or get dinged out of too much movement. A jewelry box with a soft felt lining is a great idea, but to keep your things nestled and secure, you can even line a plain shoe box with fabric. Also, anti-tarnish strips are a great investment to keep oxidants out of the way that your parts can tarnish and dull.







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