Zodiac- Necklace

₪ 440.00 NIS

Pickup available at 67 Shabazi st.

Usually ready in 24 hours

 Zodiac-  Necklace 

Select your zodiac

 Available in Goldfilled/ Silver/ Rose goldfilled

This item comes in standard size for a woman.

Engraving in Hebrew and English

  • Size: Plate 20mm*10mm, Length:360mm.
  • The font will be as shown in the image
  • Handmade
  • Made-to-order
  • Personal message optional
  • If the jewelry is for a men or children Write it in the comments at checkout
  • Arrives packed in a gift box.

Raw materials we work with are the most prestigious in the jewelry industry and are water resistant and long-term abrasion.

Can I get the jewelry wet?

Can I get the jewelry wet?

All our jewelry can be wetted. Our raw materials are water resistant and nothing will happen to them.

What to do if something happened to my jewelry?

What to do if something happened to my jewelry?

We provide full service for our jewelry. Final replacement, bracket and loop is free of charge. If the chain is torn or the leather needs to be replaced for leather bracelets, the price is 100 NIS for new leather for the bracelet and 120 NIS for a new chain (of the type - thin loops + disc)

Contact us

We are available by phone +972.544534439 during business hours

After business hours you can contact us by email or send us a message on Instagram

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Product information


 -Instructions on how to measure the size of the ring-


Measure ring size using the Android / iPhone app

Link to Android devices - click to download
Link to iPhones - click to download
Install the application, and follow the instructions below:

  1. Put a ring you have on the phone screen.

  2. Adjust the size of the circle on the screen to the size of your ring.

  3. The size that will appear on the screen is your size


-Print guide to find your size


For printing click here



2. Measure ring size using paper / wire


There is an instructional video later in the guide

Execution instructions:


  1. Thin piece of paper + scissors - cut a thin strip of paper - preferably straight and not too thick

  2. Wrap the strip of paper around the finger, making sure the paper is below the knuckle and close enough to the knuckle itself (the part that connects the finger to the palm) to make sure the paper is close to the finger so that the measurement is accurate.

  3. Pen or pencil - mark the point where the paper meets.

  4. Measuring tape / ruler - measure the length we came out with the ruler / measuring tape.

  5. Use the following diagram to determine the size of the ring.

** It is important to remember that rings sometimes come in half sizes as well, so keep in mind that your size will be something between the sizes indicated below.


 Watch the video on how to find your finger size - click here.







 International ring size chart 

ISRAEL EU SIZE US SIZE Diameter (mm) Finger Diameter (mm)
6 46 3.75 14.65 46.1
7 47 4 14.97 47
8 48 4.5 15.3 48
9 49 5 15.6 49
10 50 5.25 15.9 50
11 51 5.5 16.24 51
12 52 6 16.5 52.1
13 53 6.25 16.8 52.8
14 54 7 17.2 54
15 55 7.25 17.5 55.1
16 56 7.5 17.8 56
17 57 8 18.1 57
18 58 8.25 18.4 58
19 59 8.5 18.8 58.9
20 60 9 19.1 60
21 61 9.25 19.4 61
22 62 9.5 19.7 62.1
23 63 10.25 20 63
24 64 10.5 20.3 64
25 65 11 20.7 65
26 66 11.5 21.02 65.9
27 67 12 21.34 66.9
28 68 12.25 21.66 68
29 69 12.5 21.97 69.1
30 70 13 22.29 70



Shipping \ Returns \ Warranty

Swap -

Products can be replaced up to 7 business days.

While replacing a product the customer is obligated to present an invoice and the product must be in its original packaging.

No replacement service on the product purchased with a personal engraving / special order.

Cancellation and refund -

Refund can be up to 48 hours after purchase or 2 business days.

When you return the product after 14 days there is an obligation to present an invoice and the product in its original packaging.

There is no possibility to cancel a product manufactured specifically for the consumer according to the dimensions and / or Special requirement or product purchased over 3000


Cancellation fees are 5% of the product price or 100 , whichever is lower.

Booking abolition of custom engraving cancellation fees are 100 ₪.



Express: Arrival time: 3-5 days, according to the list of Israeli post office settlements.

Express . Arrival time: up to 7-21 business days.


Our warranty provides for any repair or replacement of manufacturer defects
Quality is extremely important to us. If your jewelry is damaged or needs repair, we will be happy to repair it within one year of purchase. This does not include misuse or mishandling of the work.
We will not cover any repairs or changes made outside of JUST BELIEVE

The warranty is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
The warranty includes repairs to the jewelry within reasonable use and natural wear and tear.
The warranty does not include wear and tear such as stretching, knocking or abuse of the jewelry, damages caused by improper use and care, accident and/or malicious destruction.
The warranty does not cover products that have undergone repair of any kind, other than by JUST BELIEVE
The warranty does not apply to lost, dropped or stolen jewelry and/or diamonds.
The warranty does not include completion of a stone-diamonds, falling of a stone or loss of a stone - even if it is not with your knowledge / awareness that the jewel has been damaged / loosened / eroded and because of this the stone has fallen.

The materials we work with:
Yellow Gold Filled / Red Gold Filled - Nickel is not used
925 silver
14K gold (yellow, white, red)
Pearls and gems
The process of ordering and preparing the products purchased on the site
Production time for items with personal engravings is one day of work, so the product goes out to the customer the day after the order.
Items inlaid with stones - the waiting time is 2 working days,
Items made of 14k gold is 10 business days, before they are shipped (varies according to the product availability in the store)
Full responsibility for the color of the jewelry (the jewelry should not change color)
If the jewelry changes color, you can reach us at the studio / send by registered mail to clean the jewelry at no cost,
There is a responsibility for falling stones.
For anything else you can contact the studio at 0544534439 or email info@justbelievejewelry.com
There is no responsibility for the loss of the jewelry and / or part of it.
How to keep just believe jewelry
In order for you to enjoy our jewelry over time, there are a number of recommendations:
You can shower with the jewelry without fear - water and soap do not damage the jewelry.
It is advisable that the jewelry should not be in contact with chlorine, perfume, sunscreen and other substances that damage the exterior of the jewelry.
The jewelry should be kept in the air and not in an airtight box for a long time. It oxidizes - our jewelry boxes are designed to last for a long time.
Silver jewelry can darken over time and can be easily cleaned with silverware cleaners.



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